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Is Cable TV going to get personal?

Is Cable TV going to get personal?
My Cable company is implementing UFI cable internet over the next year in Israel with speeds of up to 100Mb.

At the moment I have 3Mb the question is why do I need more?

Now they do specify that at certain speeds you may need to upgrade hardware (including wireless routers) and their main UFI page refers to this being a benefit for legitimate music download. Even at lower speeds the user will basically have real time download of music. However, with download speeds of 100 Mb (as usual when its new it can get expensive to have a service like this) are Cable companies going to allow TV and internet to converge?

What do I mean? Well imagine you switch on your TV or an interface from your Media/ regular PC and login with your Cable customer ID and password. Now you TiVO like program the shows you want to see and when you want to see them. Or simply you say I want to watch program xyz right now. You get up, put the kettle on and by the time your cup of tea is brewed you can watch the program you want at the time you want.

Yes, scheduled programming will become a thing of the past and perhaps even the concept of channels will too; instead I will have Channel Jonny and maybe part of this will be a Social Network that allows me to share my schedule with my Cable friends who are profiled with similar interests and then if we are free at the same time they can simply use my schedule.

Another alternative is computer games over the web. At speeds like this the multi user gaming experience truly will become real-time.

So if you have an in with the Cable company and no-one ever thought of this then feel free to take the idea and run with it. Let’s make TV personal and social all over again.

Oh yes, and as the Missus reminded me right now, this will probably be the most positive thing to affect whether people continue to download shows and movies elsewhere.

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