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Hello I’m a smart phone, hello I’m a 3G Modem .. Plug me In!!!

Hello I’m a smart phone, hello I’m a 3G Modem .. Plug me In!!!

Okay a couple of weeks ago I was at #swisrael, (oops I’m hashtag-ing everywhere now) Startup Weekend Israel that is and I experienced a recurrence of something I have seen so often lately.

Laptops galore surround me of all shapes, sizes and descriptions .. productivity and creativity were in the air but, there were so many of us that the wi-fi was overwhelmed. The organizers dove in to resolve the situation and as I sat there sipping my coffee I recalled a previous blog piece of my own

Okay shameless self marketing aside the one criticism I have of this is its slow!

My new Windows Smartphone is a Toshiba Portege and it has and does everything I need to stay connected on the move. Now it also contains the ability to act as a 3G/ GPRS Modem for my laptop but only if I connect via Bluetooth.

This is like building a great big 6 lane highway and every 5 miles merging it into two lanes just to chortle at the hugh bottleneck. Bluetooth just doesn’t seem to have the data transfer bandwidth to cope with the speed of my 3G connection.

That’s the problem, what’s the solution? Connect the phone via USB and have an application in Windows that offers to recognize it as a modem. I’m not a NASA scientist how come I had to think of this?

Oh yes because it’s better to be unwired and fashionable than wired, fast and productive. Earth to Redmond come in Redmond. If you are reading this you know what to do. Thanks guys.


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