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My Espresso Machine: Part 1

My Espresso Machine: Part 1
For 7 months now I have had an Espresso machine at home. I know, you are thinking that my coffee consumption skyrocketed and I am mainlining caffeine.. nope actually the opposite, I savor my 2-3 cups a day. So thanks Mum and Dad for buying us this when you were visiting in the summer.
I have made it my business to explore the different coffee beans available here in Modiin and try each of them to see who gives me the best cup of coffee. There was a point where my wife was bringing me fresh ground beans back from an international coffee chain in Hertzliya where she works but frankly this coffee didn’t stand up to my criteria.
Personally, its a balance of the following: –
  • Flavor – I like my coffee strong and rich; I’m an espresso drinker so it can’t be insipid.
  • Not too strong – unlike some extended family members (u know who you are) I don’t believe the coffee should be used for launching the shuttle, defibrillating heart attack victims or for stripping paint off the walls of the cellar when flood waters receed.
  • Caffeine – recent research has shown multiple therapeutic benefits for caffeine/ coffee; for allergies, asthma and the like .. duhh!!! I’ve had medical professionals scoff at me saying that coffee helps me more than steroids during allergy season for years .. hate to say it but I told you so. Note: coffee and all caffeine should be used responsibly. This works for me but I don’t recommend it to anyone else. Caffeine can and will interact negatively with certain medications.
  • Strength – strong but not so strong you need to buy stock in antacid.

I’m kind of surprised that up until now there is no single social network out there solely based on a love of coffee.

Anyhow, for those of you familiar with Monty Python’s Meaning of Life there are days when you might just find me in front of my Morphy Richards Espresso Machine chanting .. “Oh Espresso Machine, you are so big… you are so very great!”

If you didn’t get it, this was a just a little bit tongue on cheek. lol.


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