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Mutual Mentoring and Reciprocity

Mutual Mentoring and Reciprocity
Last week I had an interesting and thought provoking experience, I received a phone call from an acquaintance who like me is recently unemployed, in hi-tech and wants to find gainful employment.

We met up and discussed our respective situations having worked together for awhile in the past. During our chat I asked to see their resume and likewise my acquaintance politely asked to see mine.

We more or less at the same time began to offer suggestions and ideas to each other, brainstorming how we seek jobs, interview techniques, books and blogs we look at and people to network with.

Then it occurred to me that this kind of mutual mentoring, critiqueing resumes, cover letters, offering suggestions and guidance to each other was immensely beneficial.

I won’t suggest this comes close to using a professional career or resume coach or benefiting from input and direction from a Headhunter/ Recruiter however our shared experiences and knowledge were certainly greater together than apart.

Simply put this was an application of a previous idea that I had written of in this blog.

I want to expand on this idea and see if we can’t build a strong and vital community/ network of professionals who even after they find their next job find a way to mutually mentor and contribute to others in this way. If you have ideas on the subject then do contact or comment. If you want to meet up then let me know too. Sometimes it might just be enough to help someone see things in a more positive light when the job search looks tough.

So now I one more thing to fit into my schedule but what could be better than an idea like this?

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