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Locational Services and your Mobile: Part 2

Locational Services and your Mobile: Part 2

Moving rapidly on … we have established a relative location to the fixed position of several cellular antenas. This information changes as you move from the coverage of one cell antenna to another.

In the words of Q, Pay attention 007. If all this is true, then imagine visualizing the locations of all the cellular phones in a given region on a screen, where each cellular phone is a dot on the screen.

As the data updates in real time what if any patterns will begin to stand out and what other geo-data can we extrapolate from this imagery: –

  • If we see linear streams of dots travelling at proportional speeds to each other but faster than clusters or isolated dots in random or fixed positions then this probably represents cellular phones on cars travelling on roads. We have just extrapolated roads.
  • As this data updates we can estimate traffic speeds on these roads based on changes in position and subsequent traffic jams. We have just extrapolated basic traffic details.

That is just for starters. I am sure that you are already thinking of more extrapolations.

More to follow … as and when it occurs.


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