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Israeli Hi-tech, rapid exits, government and incentives

Israeli Hi-tech, rapid exits, government and incentives
Israel has long been famous for its hi-tech know-how. Many companies have flourished here and most have raced for the rapid exit.
This seems to fit a profile along with the persona that Israeli hi-tech personnel are known for .. super assertive, strong willed and not afraid to state their case. There are corporations who purchase Israeli companies who then add to their corporate websites articles to employees explaining the cultural background to this to ensure that employees from other countries aren’t too shocked by all this.
However, it is the rapid exit part that concerns me. Every private company, its founders and investors are in business to make money and who can criticize that but, as a country surely we also need hi-tech companies that grow long term and flourish here in Israel.
I read this week that our govenrment and obviously (in this case) PM Netanyahu amongst them wants to offer incentives for just this.
As a country we can ill afford to allow all this know-how and technology to migrate so rapidly to the US particularly given the attitudes of the current adminstration to Israel and the increasing talk of offshore R&D being bad for US employment (this being a misrepresentation at best and ignorant naivete at worst).
For our country to flourish and progress, to offer greater employment opportunities and open satellite offices or parterships abroad we need to find the best ways possible to show that the rapid exit is not always best.

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