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Resume (CV) Inspirations that are a little obvious …

Resume (CV) Inspirations that are a little obvious …
The times you need a printed resume these days seem to be fewer and further between. Everyone wants resumes in digital format RTF, DOC, DOCX or even PDF (some even have video resumes).
There was a job fair this week in Tel Aviv so of course I checked my resume and and off I went to print it up. On the way out of my house I stopped for a second and asked myself, which resume do I print, the English or Hebrew. Yes there are still tech companies in Israel that prefer Hebrew over English.
It occurred to me that this was a case of being able to have my cake, eat it and do something so elegantly simple that I could save paper and make a good impression too.
Picture this, I’m asked for my resume and I hand over the …. Hebrew copy; “Oh do you have this in English?” They ask, I hand it over and now they have to ensure the two loose pieces of paper stay together.
Now flashback to the question and imagine I give them two stapled sheets English and Hebrew; their first impression will be, “Oh no another two page resuem to wade thru”
First impressions do count, so I took my resume and made the Hebrew version a mirror image of the English in terms of layout and format and I printed it double-sided.
I know, forehead slappingly obvious and yet…. So I took it to the job fair, small in size but appreciated nonetheless. The response to my bilingual, double-sided resume was positive. One prospective employer has a long chat with me on the layout, format and the double-sided idea.
So, if you are looking for work and need to print your resume for someone in more than one language, feel free to use this idea. Remember, this falls under the idea from my previous blog, shared information is empowering. Good hunting.

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