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Martial Arts (Judo and Hapkido) as a life philosphy

Martial Arts (Judo and Hapkido) as a life philosphy
I practised Judo and Hapkido for quite a number of years. As a martial artist I always prided myself on one thing. No matter the number of times I was thrown, kicked, punched or battered I would always get up one more time than my opponent. This was the key to my success.

It was never about pride, traditionally in all martial arts the rule is the one who breathes for longest wins. However for me combat was always about the application of kata and determination. I was only competing with myself.

Several years ago my Sensei retired and I never found a teacher to replace him, in effect I didn’t get back up.

I moved to a new town (Modiin), this is an area rife with martial artists; Ju Jitsu, Tae Kwan Do, Karate, Kung Fu, and many others but I never took the time. The thought of having found a style of martial arts that suited me (Hapkido); progressing and then abandoning it for another style probably held me back too. Instead of viewing the knowledge and skills I had acquired in Hapkido as something I could port to another style I became rigid in my thinking.

Martial arts had been a driving philosophy throughout my life and without it I lost something. Or maybe I just forgot my governing principles.

Recently I lost my job. Reasons aside I have been metaphorically on the mat, on my back and bloodied by my opponent but now it is time to get back up one more time than my opponent.


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