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The Swag Bag Has Landed

The Swag Bag Has Landed

A hearty cheers to my brother in law who just returned from the US of A and offered to bring me a few goodies back.

Knowing that space and weight are an issue I was somewhat restrained in my purchasing but I am gleefully eye-ing: –

  • James Rollins latest novel, The Last Oracle. I can’t get enough of his writing as one of my favorite authors and never get to put the book down once I start reading it.
  • Cynthia Shapiro’s best selling career guidance book as recommended by Penelope Trunk.
  • The Columbia River Get-A-Way Driver. I have been after this forever since I read about it online somewhere. This is a totally useful toolfor anyone who constantly needs a screwdriver/ flashlight etc but wants it super small and due to travel constraints can’t carry a tool with a knife on. 
  • Tadgear have been having this T-shirt online and sold out several times. I’m going thru a period where having a couple of neat or funny T-shirts in the closet puts a small smile on my face so I figured why not? Oh yes, the image appeals somehow too.

  • – Probably the smartest marketing idea I have seen in a while; Joffrey’s offered to beta testers the chance to receive samples of coffee and to give suggestions for their ultimate brew if they blog about the bean. Tomorrow morning we shall meet for some serious testing. Results to follow but confidence is high.

Well now to finish preparing for my interview, get some sleep and enjoy my swag tomorrow.

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