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Succot and the satisfaction of a job well-done

Succot and the satisfaction of a job well-done

For those of you who don’t know, I am a hands on sort of guy. I like to get my hands dirty whether it be replacing parts inside my PC (when needed), under the hood of the car, those really cool IKEA sets (it’s like Lego for grown-ups only more fun) or anything else that needs me to use my tools.

Two years ago I decided along with my wife to simplify Succot. Instead of building my own wood-frame Succah I went out and bought a Succat Nechalim made from an aluminized frame.

This takes me no time at all to build but somehow leaves me feeling just a little cheated. The only tool I needed was my Leatherman to cut the rope that ties the drop-cloth wall on.

While I was doing this a guy in the next building was sawing, hammering and screwing together a beautiful wood Pergola and I envied him the task and pleasure of a job well done.

The sheer joy of planning and implementing a task like this .. it brings a smile to my face just thinking about it. Obviously, jobs like this make the pleasure of sitting, sipping a cold beer afterwards even better.

Perhaps my wife will think of something around the house for me to do like this before I find a new job.


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