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Refining and redefining …

Refining and redefining …

Several weeks ago the company I was working at suffered a series of cutbacks. The first of us to lose our jobs were the outsourced personnel or consultants (it just sounds a little more dignified doesn’t it?)

My outsource parent company was left to see if they can relocate me and several others whilst we engage in some hasty thumb-twiddling and navel contemplation.

Actually though this month is somewhat of a none entity as the Jewish holidays land squarely mid week. My son is ecstatic to be home with Mum and Dad so much, however the lack of routine does seem to be wreaking havoc with his nearly three year old moods.

Regardless of this and the fact that most headhunters and Start Ups seem to stop recruiting for August (Summer holiday) through the Jewish holidays I am reasonably happy and optimistic. Will I have to compromise on my requirements for a job, possibly given the state of the economy and yet today the headhunters seem to have risen from their hibernation and discovered my resume amongst the huge pile that accumulated in their Inboxes since the Summer holidays began.

All this leaves me with time. Time to do all those jobs my wife would love me to deal with at home like clean out the shed (arghh); time to refine my resume and time to redefine or hone what I want to write about, here in my blog and that unfinished novel I occasionally mention.

The first step to personal growth actually occurred due to having my job cut: I decided to provide the company with an in-depth report analysing prospective improvements to productivity within the scope of my experience there. 18 pages later and on my last day I was making a presentation of my findings to the CEO of the company.

He didn’t agree with everything I wrote but then each company is its own ecosystem and is limited by the history and personalities therein. I learnt a lot from his counter-arguments  but maintain that if they fail to grow and find new ways to be productive then bad things lie ahead for them.

Is this my new path, is this even the path I want? I have the time now to see if this sort of consultant work is for me or can I apply this to my new job just waiting around the corner.


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