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Why can’t Sun Java and Adobe play nicely together?

Why can’t Sun Java and Adobe play nicely together?

I test software, it’s what I do and recently I have been testing a fantastic implementation of Adobe’s Flex as a front-end web-site for various web services running on IIS and MS-SQL.

I am investigating a dead save button in the browser (the Flex implementation) and I discover in the Flash Player Active X a dependency on Sun Java; specifically what it refers to as damaged Java files. (Without the Sun Java installed Flash displays the Flex implementation perfectly)

The scenario occurs and reproduces consistently on PC’s where multiple versions of Sun Java have been installed without uninstalling the older versions thereof. Even when no Java is enabled in IE or MS JVM is enabled instead.

Workarounds: I have tried disabling the Active X add-ons, uninstalling all the Sun Java versions and using registry cleaners, uninstalling and resinstalling Flash, installing the latest version of Sun Java only, searching for a repair tool on the Adobe or Sun site (Adobe has a KB regarding a similar issue that is resolved using the MS SubInACL tool but this did not help).

Luckily, the developers take this bug seriously and seem to have fixed it as it does not reproduce as of yet. Still is the problem here that apps that require Sun Java are compiled for a specific version and as such newer versions do not ask the user to uninstall older versions first?
Or is Flash player just a little too sensitive to SUn Java’s presence?

I am going to keep my eye on this and ensure our test-plans reflect this.


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