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Smack-down: Adobe Buzzword – Acrobat deals a blow to Shared View et al

Smack-down: Adobe Buzzword – Acrobat deals a blow to Shared View et al

Last post I raved about the winning features, design and functionality of Microsoft Shared View. Now don’t get me wrong it’s amazing, I’m still using it and my on-the-PC version of Office 2003 in concert.

However, since then I logged into my scarcely used account on Buzzword, now and remembered why I liked it and why I didn’t.

Buzzword is Adobe’s online Word Processor and so much more. When I was in the throes of job hunting I imported a copy of my resume and discovered that at that time there was no save as PDF option; now resolved – you can just about save to every major format including PDF. Furthermore, the GUI and interface is nothing short of gorgeous; in a beveled black. Adobe have gone to lengths to ensure that the Macromedia acquisition is not for nothing so of course there are implementations of Flash technology there.

For the font junkies out there a plethora of non-Office fonts are just waiting to be tried but, I have not checked if they are True type or not yet.

The user may share documents and create online meetings to discuss these much akin to the Shared View paradigm.

This is competes nicely with Office/ Shared View and Google Apps but, my resume was laboriously slow in loading and why does insist on loading a Microsoft Scripting Component to work?

So, will I be using this beautifully designed, elegant offering from Adobe? Yes, but if you are reading this at Adobe, remember the P-word … performance!


Jonathan – Greetings from Adobe, and thanks for the good review. We have not overlooked the p-word, though a recent system migration and upgrades may have impacted it temporarily. As you can see, we are zealous about design and believe that good performance is a critical component of good user experience. Because we developed on Flash, we have a lot of tools available to keep tuning performance, which we’ll do. We are committed to ensuring that Buzzword is the best user experience on the web. Cheers, Tad.

Hi, agree with Jonathan. Great interface, very ‘flashy’. Lots of fonts and colors. It’s really fun to work with. Question is there’s google apps, there’s writeboard for a more simple approach, and there’s several more apps for this. How does it solve my problem? Such as maybe I want to write my blogs in Buzzword and have a 1 button export to my wordpress blog? Or maybe have my documents available as public share? Check out my Buzzword review at

Buzzword solves the shared-docs-to-Word dilemma. I use it with four colleagues to write a grant request. This grant must be submitted in Word. Buzzword does a fantastic job of converting docs to work while preserving formatting.

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