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What keeps Smart-phones, Cellular Phones and PDA’s from becoming your main Computer

What keeps Smart-phones, Cellular Phones and PDA’s from becoming your main Computer

The quantum leap in progress and functionality of all these handheld/ portable devices over the last couple of years is amazing.

So many applications and services are available and everyday there is news about convergence of more technology with PDA’s and Cellular Phones. That in itself created the Smart-phone. Miniaturization of hardware, processors and memory allowed for these devices to progress even further and advances in battery development allow for a longer usage between recharges when you are on the go and not plugged into the car (or a mobile solar charger).

My big problem with all these devices is that the main piece of current technology that inhibits these devices becoming your primary Computer is not the keyboard or connectivity to peripherals (most have Bluetooth and or WiFi but yes, USB or another standard fast port would be nice); the screen size simply is restrictive.

Don’t get me wrong, I do lots with my Pocket PC but realistically, I love sitting down in front of my 19″ monitor and seeing things in 1024×768 resolution. As many web sites and services that have been designed also for Mobile usage (a la GMail and other Google Applications) many have not and the flexibility, usability and breadth of functionality is way more limited by Screen real estate usage.

This is where I flex my conceptual thinking muscles. This restriction is due to physical constraint and it has brought us UPMC, ultra portable laptops and rather large Smart Phones but is this the solution or a clever series of work-arounds?

I think that when we have devices that incorporate holographic projectors with built-in touch screen technology then these Mobile devices will truly have come of age. Obviously, this throws down the gauntlet to the battery creators to provide a more powerful, longer lasting battery. Perhaps, like the Seiko Kinetic watches these devices will be powered by movement of the Human body or the batteries will be charged by this.

I did Google the term “holographic touch screen” and it seems that others have thought in this direction but so far, not yet for Mobile devices. Time will tell.