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Did you know about that really useful feature in Google Calendar?

Did you know about that really useful feature in Google Calendar?

Frequent readers know that in addition to my love of Microsoft applications I am an avid Google Applications user; particularly GMail and GCal. Frequent readers also know my paradigm for keeping me, my family and our mobile devices in sync.

The other day I received an invitation thru GMail to a meeting from an associate. I replied and it was added to my GCal. I was checking my GCal settings as my wife had complained of suddenly being unable to see my calendar and in the settings I noticed the far-right link/tab called  Mobile Setup.

A little cynically (it was one of those days) I looked at the drop-down list to see if Israel was listed thinking “not a chance …”; Google has an R&D center in Tel Aviv but I was more doubtful about the Israeli cellular providers approving this sort of thing. Happily I found Israel in the list and further found my cellular provider. I validated the settings and lo …. my cellular phone received an SMS test reminder from my GCal.

I setup to receive day before reminders via SMS to my cellular phone from GCal and I was just reminded about this meeting. I explained to my wife how to do this; of course if your whole life is listed in your GCal or for example times of Jewish festivals etc then your cellular phone is going to be a little busy.


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