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Will it Sync? Or my dream for the Google Phone.

Will it Sync? Or my dream for the Google Phone.

My life is managed well by the technology I use. Sometimes there is an overlap or redundancy between two pieces of technology; often because of budget or my unwillingness to add unproven 3rd Party solutions to the mix.

Of course it is not enough to look at how I do things but how this works within my little family unit.

  • Our home PC is probably the central switchboard for all information: Outlook XP sits on Windows XP and my wife and I share an XP user and an email address for Outlook.
  • I sync my PDA (HP Pocket PC) to Outlook for Contacts, Appointments, Notes etc.
  • My wife and I each use GMail and GCal as our away from home PC switchboard.

Each appointment added to Outlook is also assigned to my GMail address so that it appears on my GCal which my wife can see. Likewise I can see hers. This way we are always able to see in one place all the family appointments.

So why use Outlook you ask? Not just because I like it and all the functionality and abilities it has but because I do run my life e.g. Job Hunting from my PDA and Outlook because they Sync together.

In an ideal world my PDA would be my cellular phone but I have a Nokia candy-bar and my wife has a Sony-Eriksson (I have larger fingers which just can’t manage the tiny space between those tiny Sony buttons) so we have Sync/ Backup software for our phones on the Desktop PC too.

I don’t Sync my cellular phone but I do backup the information therein.

Ultimately the R&D teams in Google and Microsoft should be competing to fully integrate Synchronization with Web Services like GMail/ Hotmail or GCal. The first to market value would make this a killer app in my mind.

Of course the user can just use the mobile browser to login to these web services but the advantages of having a synchronized local copy for offline work are immeasurable.

So I am dreaming or hoping that the Google Phone will know how to seamlessly synchronize with GMail, GCal and any other Google Services; that an onboard Google Toolbar will index new entries/ changed entries on the fly so that Google Phone Search incorporates my local contacts, local mail and local appointments.

I am hoping that Google doesn’t cop-out on me and settle for desktop icons on the phone to each service.

I guess I just have to wait and see.

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