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Was someone listening?

Was someone listening?

The very next day I open up some of my favorite tech blogs e.g. and find stories about Google’s new Sync tool for Outlook. It was as if someone with a big G- before their name was listening; no not that G- I’m talking Google!

Anyway, I promptly decided to download and test this out only to discover after download and when I tried to run it that it only supports Outlook 2003 and onwards. Robbed I say, robbed! Me with my Outlook XP left out in the cold 🙁

Seriously though, I should have expected it. The major changes to functionality to Outlook between versions XP and 2003 are phenomenal in my mind (At my previous job we all used Outlook 2003).

As of now I am reading other peoples experiences and bugs.

This is not completely what I wanted for sync between Google services and Outlook/ my Pocket PC but still, it is one more reason to make the upgrade to Office 2007.


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