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Software Updates and Bit Torrent

Software Updates and Bit Torrent

How do you update all that pesky software that sits on your hard drive that doesn’t come with a built in auto-update or “check for new versions” option?

Truth be told, even for software like Adobe Acrobat Reader I don’t set it’s daemon that downloads new updates when my connection is not active.

Until today I used the Filehippo service. Filehippo’s site allows you to download a small executable that when run from your computer scans for a wealth of different applications and drivers. The resultant updates are displayed in a web page containing links to each new version as a download via your browser’s download functionality. Furthermore, Filehippo’s site contains a comprehensive list of extremely useful software you may want to use or at least try out; whatever sandbox you use (VMWare, Virtual PC, Symantec Ghost etc.)

Then you simply click the link and security settings permitting download and install each update.

Today I ran BitComet, my Bit Torrent download client to get a Linux VMWare image from VMWare’s site (they have an abundance of pre-prepared images online to choose, saving the user from having to do all the setup work themselves) and lo and behold Bit Comet displays a pop-up window containing a list of software and drivers (my NVidia graphics card in this instance) to download as Torrents and install.

This is the confluence of logic, elegance and one less executable (however small) for me to remember to run [remind me to explain how to automate this or any other EXE to run].

These Torrents are 100% legal to download (for those of you who read Torrent and think of other files), the elegant implementation of this functionality seems seamless and requires little user intervention.

The added advantage of Peer to Peer (P2P) download of these applications should outweigh using a service like Filehippo. Now I have to diff the software index on each service and see if the Bit Comet function doesn’t provide support for all the software that Filehippo does. Something to test another day 🙂

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