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Outlook goodness

Outlook goodness
On my PC I use Microsoft Outlook XP. Yes, I would love to upgrade to Office 2007 for all the added functionality and the new GUI but budget precludes this.
So, I do my best to get the maximum out of the available features in my Outlook.
One of the nice features that helps me in my job search is how Contacts integrate with what’s going on elsewhere in my PST file.
I started by going to Outlook’s categories and getting rid of all the redundant categories and adding several of my own. One of these is a category for Job Search. Any time I am contacted in anyway by a headhunter, company, prospective network contact they are added and categorized in my contacts which then syncs to my Pocket PC category and all. Of course, this allows you to filter the Contacts view to a specific category.
Now comes the real treat; Each contact has a tab on it when opened called Activities; if you select from the drop-down list there All Items or any other option then Outlook scans your PST and adds a direct link to every piece of data related to the Contact.
So, I see all the emails to/ from the contact, appointments I made with them and so on.
This allows me to track per contact exactly how and when we were last in contact and frankly for my job search it is a powerful tool.
The only limitation I have found is that my Pocket PC does not support this feature but do I really want all that eating all the space on there?
I’m sure there are endless ways to use this feature. It is one of the things that for me makes Outlook such a powerful, killer app.

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