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Internet Explorer self-destructs … the path to self enlightenment

Internet Explorer self-destructs … the path to self enlightenment
There I was minding my own business, surfing the web when suddenly my IE freezes on me.

I assumed that it was no big deal at first and tried to figure out if it was a particular site with a particular embedded technology (e.g. ASP, PHP, Java ..) but no, at random IE would freeze, hang and require me to exit via the Task Manager.

I tried a series of diagnoses and fixes to see if things would resolve: –

a) Clean the cache and history + the cache of JAVA and any other Add-ons.
b) Start IE without add-ons and then add one after the other to see if a particular add-on is guilty.
c) Uninstall programs I had upgraded that day before the freeze began and then re-install if the problem re-occurred.
d) IE7 has a neat reset button in the Internet Options, this literally sets everything back to default.

None of these resolved the problem so I decided to run an in-depth anti-virus and anti-malware scan during my lunch and yes it was a long lunch. I was beginning to think that I was going to have to backup all my data, inventory programs, drivers etc and then format and reinstall from scratch.

I decided that this was the option of last recourse so I ran my VMWare and used the stable IE6 that sat there to look for similar problems online; talk about information overload.

At some point I reviewed the plethora of tests I had run to diagnose the problem and decided to try a simple solution; I downloaded IE7 from the Microsoft site and installed it anew. This seems to have repaired the problem. Still I would love to know what actually affected IE7 to cause this problem.

For now though I have my IE7 back with my IE7Pro Add-on working nicely.

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