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Bit Comet meets my Router

Bit Comet meets my Router

Following on from my article about Bit Comet and using Torrent downloads for software updates Software Updates and Bit Torrent I made an interesting discovery …

As some older readers of my blog will know, several months ago I changes from ADSL to Cable broadband after a series of poor QOS and support issues from my ADSL ISP. Then I procured via my brother a LinkSys Cable WiFi Router.

I wasn’t really paying attention but the download speed via Bit Comet dropped after the transition. I started paying attention to all the Bit Comet bells and whistles and discovered that the Listen Port was being blocked by the Cable Router NAT Firewall. OK, no big deal. I opened up the Router Admin and approved this port; everything should have been okay, correct?

Well each time since I have restarted the PC the problem recurred unless I login to the Router Admin first.

Not a huge problem but something I am going to have to test thoroughly.

I can’t say I am too upset as this just means that LinkSys have strong spec for security and I do have my workaround to solve this. Maybe I will check for a firmware upgrade for the Router and see what happens then.

When I find the permanent fix for this I will be sure to blog it.

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