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Browser Wars … here we go again

Browser Wars … here we go again
As the internet becomes richer in terms of content, functionality and or online applications and we wonder what the transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 will entail it serves us well to stop a moment and think about how we actually use the internet; for entertainment, research, interaction or other uses.

My usage of the internet is varied and changing and how I use it is a function of my bandwidth. One thing has not changed thru all the evolution of the Web since I hooked up my first PC with an analogue modem; I use Internet Explorer.

As a QA/ testing professional I have used other browsers: Netscape, Firefox, Opera et al, usually on a Virtual PC or Ghost-able PC as I have discovered I simply don’t like these other browsers.

I have espoused in the past on this blog the concept of a 100% Microsoft software PC but beyond simple redundancy of another browser being installed where IE serves me so well it’s the look and feel of my browsing experience that keeps me loyal to my IE.

I am a happy user of IE7 and but for the occasional crash when I overzealously open to many tabs or have too many other heavy processes running it just works for me.

Frequently I am surfing and get hit with a message from a website informing me (in case I was ignorant of the fact) that I am browsing using IE and oh yes, it’s obviously inferior to Firefox which I should install. Please, just save it guys.

I am not going to tell you all to dump your other browsers and move to IE but for me this works so why change?

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