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Application Add-on of 2007 / Browser Wars II

Application Add-on of 2007 / Browser Wars II
If you read my last post you know I favor IE over all other pretenders to the browser throne.

2007 saw me enjoying my upgrade to IE7 and then I got the cherry, on the icing on the cake … IE7Pro.

IE7Pro is a free download that adds a suite of varied functionality and stability to an already good browser. The user can easily customize several options but beyond that if IE crashes when you have IE7Pro installed re-open it and a Window will pop-up that allows you to speedilly re-open each, any or all the tabs from the crashed session.

The latest version incorporates a light system tray Download manager as an option which works excellently so far.

Something that logically should come with every browser is found here; an online store of bookmarks. Particularly as IE comes with your Windows OS then why not get a Windows Live Favorites site prepared during OS Installation that can be defined as your default store or is sync-able with your local favorites. The logic here is you are online if you want to browse – that’s the point of the internet so allow the user to surf their favorites from any PC if they login to their account by bringing up their Live favorites.

Feature requests from Microsoft aside, IE7Pro is for me a Killer App containing way more than I listed here. If you are an IE7 user check out this add-on via the link.

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