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What to do when the folks come to stay

What to do when the folks come to stay
My parents try to visit us from the UK at least once a year and they are here now. My son loves having Grandma and Grandpa here of course and we like it too; living far away from family is not always easy, even with Skype and such to keep you in touch.

My Dad has one prerequisite for travel; he has to be able to use his email and internet. My younger brother (the one who owns the hardware/ cellular solutions/ web design company) knew I had just changed from ADSL to Cable and hearing I was no longer Wi-Fi compliant stuffed a Cable router in my Dad’s luggage for me.

After a really helpful conversation with my Cable provider/ ISP I was able to plug in the router and define all the necessary settings and today my Dad was able to sit in the salon and surf the net or deal with his email from his clients.

Of course, technology is idiosyncratic so I have to boot up the Cable modem for two minute before I plug in the router and then boot my PC. Furthermore, neither my PDA nor my Dad’s laptop would display web pages until I cleaned the IE cache but what’s life without a little challenge?

You left out the biggest challenge. How to stop your toddler from shutting down, reformatting or changing settings on your pc.

ha ha.

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