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How I stayed in touch again when the Real World stopped.

How I stayed in touch again when the Real World stopped.
My son is an overachiever at two years of age. He decided that a simple ear infection was no good so a few days before his birthday he dragged us to the ER with an outstanding example of Mastoiditis. Every Doctor and his brother got to know our little man as he was displayed as a text book case, apparently not something they get to see every day.

Nearly three weeks later the poor little fella sports a scar behind his ear from where the surgeons drained an abcess and still is getting IV antibiotics once a day now we are home. Being in hospital was tough on him and emotionally and physically tough on us. The worry aside, sleeping on a cot and being woken during the night is not conducive to great health even in the best of hospitals.

Of course, we felt extremely cut off from our day to day life. You get pretty dependent on seeing your email and surfing the web at least once a day whether to read the news or go to your favorite websites.

Once again my one-two punch of Cellular phone as modem and PDA gave me a way to connect to the outside world in one of the few hospital wards without WiFi. My HP IPAQ had me up and running connected to my Gmail, Facebook (to let all my friends know where we vanished to and my son’s status) and the Windows Mobile Messaging let me download the headers for all my Outlook email.

Of course you need the energy to actually do all this, something I was lacking even when the little man was fast asleep. I managed to subsist during our stay on a steady diet of coke and espresso, oh yes and Tums. Still when I did go online it was a nice feeling to see the world was still there.

Now we are home and until the Doctors give him the all clear to go back to nursery he won’t let me get on the computer, he needs to!

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