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How do I get to … ?

How do I get to … ?
In a previous life I was a geographer and no, that doesn’t mean I can tell you all the capitol cities in the world; I studied Geographical Informations Systems (GIS) and even worked in the field for a while. As to being a Geographer, there are more of us out there than you realize. When you ask someone at a party what they studied and they mumble something incomprehensible you can be reasonably sure they are embarrassed but they majored in Geography.

You are probably wondering what this GIS stuff is well, if you ever used one of these online locational services where you query how to get from your house to point X and it gives you a lovely map and directions this is a basic GIS. (Someone reading this just said to themselves, “Doesn’t he mean GPS?” GPS is something completely different, that’s what inexperienced hikers take into the woods and get lost trying to use to find there way.)

Anyway, I was saving the phone number of a great restaurant in my cellular phone (a Nokia 6233)contacts and accidentally hit the option to add more details. I had a really nice idea then and went online on my desktop PC and found the restaurant on the map, saved the map as a JPG and then sent it via bluetooth to my Cellular phone. The JPG map now resides as the photo for that contact and when inevitably someone asks me how to get to this restaurant I can message them the map and phone-number.

If you have a PDA or Smart-phone you may not need this litle hack but still for those of us with slightly less advanced technology this is pretty neat.