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Cable vs ADSL Broadband Smackdown – the finale.

Cable vs ADSL Broadband Smackdown – the finale.
Finally, thanks to my determination not to give up and me being increasingly forceful and uncompromising with my ADSL provider I got them to rebate me two months of costs.

I had cut-off and informed them in October and they continued to bill me for a service that one month prior I could no longer connect to. Coincidentally, I had turned down upgrading my connection speed from 0.75 to 1.5 mbps (as they told me, almost no one else has such slow ADSL and they don’t really support it any more); whenI said no that was when my troubles seemed to begin but hey a coicidence is just a coincidence, no? Or as Mulder and Scully used to say, “The truth is out there.”

Money aside I was very pleased with the Cable broadband, it was reliable and seemed fast. One strange thing was how certain applications didn’t “like” Cable at 1mbps as much as ADSL at 0.75 mbps for example Second Life. After some testing I discovered that my 128 Mb Graphics card cannot render Second Life vector graphics fast enough to keep up with the Broadband Cable.

Luckilly, Second Life allows the user to reduce bandwidth in the settings and with a few more tweaks it worked just fine.

The moral I suppose is never assume that more power isn’t going to cause new problems.

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