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The title has changed … long live the title

The title has changed … long live the title
I did it I dumped the ClanRoss header. Not that I grew tired of it or what it meant to me but instead because of what I call page rank pervesity.

I live in Modiin in Israel and even there I cannot escape my dopplegangers and namesakes. I got a phone-call asking if I was Jonathan Ross the patent expert and when I replied I was Jonathan Ross but I was the QA expert the caller was extremely put out and said, “How can there be more than one Jonathan Ross in Modiin?”

Luckilly, I knew of this namesake and how to find him and my skin was feeling not too thin so I cheerfully directed this fellow on his way.

Why page rank perversity you ask? Simple, for anyone who has ever lived in England I was haunted by making phone calls and starting with “Hello, this is Jonathan Ross ..” and having the person on the other end ask if I was the fellow from the TV. It gets old quick.

Now, along comes Google and go search for me. This TV guy gets about the first 11 pages in any search unless you search for “Jonathan Ross, QA” – I am below some US Senator or “Jonathan Ross, Israel” – then my LinkedIn profile comes up first.

Making my personal brand aside I decided that I can compete against the other Jonathan Ross’s out there and that #1 Page Rank will be mine.

Not for no reason either, as my search for gainful employment continues I want prospective employers to find me on the Web with ease.

In the words of the Highlander, “There can be only one.” But don’t worry I’m not going to lose my head over it 🙂

I look forward to the day when the TV presenter calls someone, introduces himself, and someone asks him, “Oh, you’re the QA guy?”