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Have you had it up to here with SPAM, Phish and Malware?

Have you had it up to here with SPAM, Phish and Malware?
Well I am now cruising at 1.5 M on my new Cable connection and to save a little money I decided not to take the ISP’s anti-SPAM/ anti-virus web solution.

I know, some of you are slapping your foreheads, astounded at my hubris to think that I don’t need this.

For the last four years I have been a loyal user of Panda Platinum Internet Security. It is less resource intensive than several other competitors and frankly it has yet to let me down. My one gripe with Panda and their competitors is SPAM and Malware handling. The anti-SPAM is basically a local blacklist that the user can add to as the respective emails come in. Think simple and user dependent unlike the advanced heuristic features in the rest of the Panda suite.

This is where I get to vent a bit 🙂 even when I have shown proof of repeated spamming to my ISP’s in the past they are immensely reluctant to blacklist that company (yes not faked or spoofed addresses). It fell to me to send “cease and desist” notices and keep their Customer services on the phone until I got assurances that I was removed from their mailing lists.

What you never, ever want to do is hit the “remove me” links embedded in the SPAM.

What I want though is some more muscle in my anti-SPAM; I want to have a feature to notify my ISP or the blacklist of my choice; I want to detect the mailer’s IP address and send that SPAM right back at them and I want the ability to have a domain not just a user on it defined as SPAM. I am never going to want mail from for example.

It’s time the average user was able to take back their email from these pests, thugs and creeps. To do that tools are going to have to provide a more aggressive protection. However, the real problem is that the ISP’s and government are going to have to come up with legislation and enforcement options for dealing with this. If say, most of all phishing/ SPAM comes from one country or locale then why not have a national embargo on that domain at ISP level unless a specific user applies to receive mail from that locale.

I suppose this seems much ado to some of you but frankly I am not going to keep expanding my online mailbox size to accomodate the ISP when it is in their own interests to stop this garbage and malignancy from getting through.

There is a minute chance that one of you reading this is one of these poor souls who gets paid to send this garbage at several cents a mail. If you are then let me add one more feature to where I want to see my security tools going; I would love to have these tools detect a serial spammer/phisher/ malware sender and initiate a legitimate denial of service on your IP address.

Is this for want of a better phrase a call to arms for cyberwar of sorts? Is it even realistic to ask for these things? All I know is there are things I do not want me or my family reading in our Inbox. If someone came up to you in the street and spoke to you this way, what would you do? I know what I would.

Spec it up and I’ll put it on my list of software to write!


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