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Why I want to be rude to Technical Support at my ISP

Why I want to be rude to Technical Support at my ISP

I was happilly minding my own business surfing using my ADSL connection on Thursday and then I needed to head out and pick up my son from his daycare so I shut down the PC and off I went.

Later that evening I log on to discover that ADSL was once again down but this time it was not flat out dead for everyone in the nieghborhood, something had happened to me.

It just so happened that I needed to finish cooking for the weekend so I didn’t really have time to do more that mutter some curses at the ADSL and my ISP that night. The next day suitably irritated I booted up, logged in and lo, still had no internet connection. I had visions of the stack of emails in my POP3 building up to monumental proportions and my GMail quota actually filling.

Shuddering and hoping for the best I called up my ISP technical support and got thru to a rather bright sounding fellow. We cut to the chase with me saying from the offset that I had just restarted, then unplugged the Router and then in the Command line had used the IPConfig command to release and renew the connection. He sounded flabbergasted that I had done all this without him to hold my hand but we pushed on nonetheless.

His next comment was twofold, that he could see me connected so it must be local and probably software related and that I must, must get Firefox on my PC. Arggh, one of those, next he’ll start telling me how Linux is so great (even if it is).

We then tried resetting Internet Explorer 7 (Advanced propertties tab) but no my hopes for easy resolution were dashed.

Anyway it’s Saturday night and I have a secret to tell you. My ADSL is still down and my ISP has no idea what to do. I am one of the diehards who has not upgraded from my 0.75 M connection due to cost and since the last time they tried to strongarm me and I refused the service has been repeatedly down and it’s down to me to resolve it.

With the money I save I have been keeping my Cable package alive for TV and internet so I swapped the network cable out and made sure my software firewall was working and oh such sweet music, the Cable connected and I am back online.

Tomorrow I am going to hard reset the ADSL router and try to reconfigure it. If that does not work then I’ll rerun the numbers and see if its not just cheaper to disconnect from ADSL, junk my wi-fi ADSL Router (the only real loss here as my PDA browsing/ email is a great fallback option) and then up my Cable bandwidth.

I know the ADSL provider will try to sock me with a disconnection fee but after the lousy QoS they might just capitulate, who knows?

Only time will tell, but probably for now it is farewell to ADSL.


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