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What Did the Romans Ever Do For Us? Or how I made a real use of Facebook.

What Did the Romans Ever Do For Us? Or how I made a real use of Facebook.
Social Networking is hot stuff these days especially with the ongoing Microsoft vs Google competition and Microsoft buying a hefty chunk of Facebook.

I used LinkedIn early in my job hunt but found many other Social Networks to be well … either useless or frivilous. There I said it and no lightning bolt or villagers with pitchforks and burning torches, wow!

The truth is that these are far from frivilous, it is how you decide to leverage them and remembering what you are trying to get out of them. My initial foray into Facebook led me to add all sorts of cute and fun applications but these distracted me from the point of being there …. I was trying to find a new job in my field as Quality Assurance Manager.

The realization that Facebook had been made into this frivilous timewaster by structuring it or creating this environment of Surveys, Zombies, Pokes and Jokes led me to dump these applications (or at least most of them) and look at what I had left.

The truth is though that one of Facebook’s most annoying features led me to really use it to Network my job hunt; Facebook has a status feature that egocentrically describes yourself in the 3rd person. This just irks me.

I was on Facebook responding to an invitation from an old friend who did the IDF Medics course with me when I read another friend’s status … he wrote about how his company was hiring and the jobs could be found in the Marketplace application. This took a few seconds to sink in and then with a slap on my forehead I entered the Marketplace app, searched for QA under jobs and sent several messages to relevant prospective employees.

This morning I had several requests to forward my resume to those I contacted and as I sip my coffee I know I should thank the irksome Facebook status and my friend for reminding me to keep the mission clearly defined and see every avenue as a chance to sell my personal brand.

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