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The new ultralightweight Leatherman: due out November

The new ultralightweight Leatherman: due out November
Anything Leatherman makes is an automatic killer app to me in terms of hardware.

Next month Leatherman releases their newest folding tool the minimalist, ultra-lightweight Skeletool-CX. It’s on my wishlist.

There are times where you don’t need every option under the sun and frankly as much as I love my Charge it is big and sometimes too heavy to carry.

The Skeletool weighs in at 5 ounces versus the Charge’s 8.2. It has a built in carabiner to clip on to your key-ring, jeans, webbing or backpack.

All I have to say is stick a built-in LED flashlight (a la Buck-tools) on there and it will probably go everywhere with me.

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