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More on the Cable vs ADSL slamdown

More on the Cable vs ADSL slamdown
Fate seems to have decided things for me. It’s Tuesday night and I still have no ADSL and my ISP has no clue why other than the old saw, “it must be a local issue”.

They asked me to pop over to a friend’s house with ADSL and try to login in with my user name and password. One problem, all my friends living locally have dumped ADSL for Cable. We all have gotten tired of what may be overall better, generally more stable technology (let’s face it ADSL is old technology working on Analog POTS phone lines).

I, like most of my buddies are moving because once you have Cable for your TV, it just pays to go the cheaper (drastically cheaper) route.

I expected my ISP to go the extra mile in tech support than giving me some fob-off excuse that it’s probably my fault but when I offered to show them my Event Viewer log so that they could see the sheer absence of any software or registry change during this problem they declined and reminded me that if I do decide to cutoff ADSL I will end up paying a cutoff penalty fee.

Things like this wake the slumbering consumer beast in me. Tomorrow I am going to try one more time to go thru my customer log with their Customer relations people and see how they want to help me, if at all. But I think that this patient has deceased and it’s time to unplug the monitor, so to speak.

I had called the Cable company and they had someone from their Customer service call me and find a way to reduce my costs by 10% if I take a faster speed, 150 M.

Don’t think I don’t believe I won’t have problems with Cable, I know I will. It’s just nice to know that I am cutting our family costs and not paying anymore for a service I am not able to use.

Frankly, as I put it to the embarrassed Support rep from my ISP, I’m looking for work. I can’t afford the excess costs on unreliability or just having internet/email I can’t rely on to search the net for work and then send mail.

I am holding my ADSL Router in one hand looking down at it, “Alas poor ADSL Router, I knew you well.”

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