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Fair is fair …

Fair is fair …
In my previous post I had at Microsoft with respect to their handling of Activesync on my PDA and local Summer time.

From the time when I spoke to a remarkably helpful and sympathetic Microsoft Israel support tech on the phone until I posted was about one day. The next morning I received the patch in my Inbox with a comprehensive explanation of how to install and use it.

To give Microsoft their due, this was probably the best support experience I have had since I asked them for a CD with all the patches post-release of XP SP2 on (rolling back a trojan infected PC to a Symantec Ghost image teaches you that the image need updating after every Windows Update) so I wouldn’t have to twiddle my thumbs watching the Windows Update for a whole day; the CD arrived within two days of my request.

It’s easy to knock Microsoft for many things but frankly (and if you have read older posts) I am a huge fan of every one of their products.

All I ask now is for that option in Activesync (not to change my PDA clock on sync).

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