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Ebay falls into their own trap and buys Skype in an auction frenzy; or do they?

Ebay falls into their own trap and buys Skype in an auction frenzy; or do they?
Sometimes you look at things and think, these just don’t go together. It can be food or people or in this case companies.

Many of the naysayers have been slamming Ebay for the purchase of Skype.

Just for those of you who aren’t in the know, Ebay is the big cheese of online auction and Skype is probably the big cheese of free VOIP (Voice Over IP)/ IM/ Video over IP.

I use Skype myself but have never touched Ebay as it just doesn’t interest me. However, it got me thinking in a what were they thinking sort of way.

I see two rational options here: –
a) Ebay had a huge chunk of change and nothing to do with it so on a whim they bought Skype.
b) This is my personal theory, Ebay is real-time online auction; how better to improve this than to include the option of VOIP or Video auctioning i.e integrate the Skype technology into the Ebay site. Better yet think of the option to do this and see the item you are buying and your competitors/ the seller; and think of doing this via a Mobile device.

Now as I said I know next to nothing about the workings of Ebay but think about being out and about and the (theoretical) Ebay java app on my cellular / PDA notifies me of a relevant auction and allows me to participate via voice or video on the go.

This may just be a neat little killer app in the making or a functional add on to Skype, the Ebay plugin. Oh yes, and use that Skype credit as money to bid with and pay with making Skype a neat online credit card in effect.

Still only time will tell what the folks at Ebay are hatching for us.

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