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Why practical technologies?

Why practical technologies?
My wife gave up after much convincing on my part and had a look at my blog. She thought the article about the bag was funny but she gave me some very sound constructive criticism; how is anyone ever going to find the blog?

Clanross Concepts was a company we thought about founding several years ago that dealt with the application of practical technology. The idea was, you bought your computer and software – now what?

Most people use about 25% of the potential of their Computer and each individual should be able to use it in their own way. One long-standing friend who gets my undivided PC support attention runs their business off their PC. In addition they are an avid photographer and music lover. Like many of us they have a Yahoo, Google/GMail account and are delving into social networking and Second Life.

Of course all this affects how they use the computer; lest we forget the ongoing issue of security. They need a security solution that pretty much runs itself and like us all familiarity guides their choices.

Needless to say the company never launched for several reasons (mainly a newer, better idea came along … watch this blog and the Startup news) but the name suited my blog concept.

I wanted to write about technology but not the gadgety stuff that seems so great. I wanted to see how technology could be practically employed to provide solutions and improve quality of life or realistically how it impacts on our life.

This allowed me to deal with subjects I enjoy writing on and hopefully in the future to suggest where we are going or are not.

So, if I write about a Coffee Machine or Cordura then this too is a practical technology to me. Perhaps it should be practical solutions?

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