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When Activesync and Daylight Saving Clash, or Arggh All MY Appointments Have Shifted.

When Activesync and Daylight Saving Clash, or Arggh All MY Appointments Have Shifted.
It’s strange that less than two weeks before Israel reverts to Winter time I notice this bug. Of course, when i reported it to Microsoft Technical Support they new of it and explained to me that it wasn’t a bug and they had a patch to deal with it. Apparently this non-bug doesn’t happen in Windows Vista and oh yes, can we interest you in upgrading?

To be fair I have been toying with upgrading but as a QA professional I don’t believe in resolving bugs by the “oh we fixed that in the whiz bang new version, sorry you should upgrade for $xxx sir” solution.

This is a severe, showstopping bug that causes damage to user data. The fix should be for all platforms still supported by Microsoft. Bill if you are reading this give everyone on the Activesync team a nudge for me. At best make the Time setting sync an option and not hard-coded. Users are not so daft that they don’t get the implications of an option like this.

The problem, in a nutshell is this; my Pocket PC is my organizational dashboard. My work life is run exclusively by syncing between Desktop PC Outlook and my Pocket PC. When you sync the two Activesync is hard-coded to use the Desktop PC time and time zone to sync the PPC which then affects the times of all appointments in the PPC Calendar.

No problem I thought, I always invite my GMail so that my shared GCal shows my wife where and when I am out of town or in appointments. When I sync, Activesync asks me if I want to update my invitees. Take note, never sync at 2am, I said yes of course thinking, “Oh good, now my wife will see the updated information.” Of course it is all wrong as a result and I have no way of knowing the real time of each and every appointment.

My wife is an Occam’s Razor or Gordian Knot thinker, “Just write the real time in all new appointments as text so instead of just Meet Bob make it Meet Bob at 9:30am. So regardless you have the time hard-coded too.” She too is a QA professional and at times like this it really shows.

Of course this does not help with all the appointments where I have to call up and check the real time with the person I’m meeting. So, until I get the patch from Microsoft Technical Support my PPC sits in cradle that is connected to power but the USB has been disconnected.

I will just have to refactor my modus operandi until this is resolved. I have never felt this let down by a Microsoft product before.

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