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Using your cellular phone as a Modem

Using your cellular phone as a Modem
The shock, the horror. Discovering that there are still places with no Wi-Fi reception but that email has to go out or you just need to search for that one technical term before an interview.

All is not lost as long as you have a laptop/ PDA with Bluetooth and a Cellular phone with Bluetooth. Remember to check with your Cellular service provider just how much this costs before you use this service.

Enable the Bluetooth on both and pair the devices up. Now on your PDA/ Laptop define the Cellular as a Bluetooth Modem. (Some Cellular providers require a complex connection string; mine thought they did but oops, they were wrong .. default settings all the way.)

Activate the Dial-up Connection and surf away. Note: on Pocket PC Internet Explorer not all sites load as they treat this browser as IE3 and the websites are configured for IE4 and up.

Furthermore, not all sites are configured to recognize a Smart-phone/ PDA and load a minimalist version of the site. Have no fear though, GMail is 🙂
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Actually, I was wondering how / if it should be possible to use my bluetooth connection visa versa. In other words: use my homenetwork and bluetooth to have my RAZR V3x phone online. Any ideas? Is that even possible?

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