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Slap my forehead, don’t I feel silly or how I love VMWare.

Slap my forehead, don’t I feel silly or how I love VMWare.
I was watching CNN tonight and saw on the News Ticker that VMWare IPO’ed today on NYSE. Firstly, congrats to the whole of VMWare – an obvious case of hard work and an excellent product line.

Talk about wanting to slap my forehead, how did I miss this? Obviously I did what with several personal issues in my life of late taking my attention away from hot tech issues like this.

Now for the irony; I had started writing a piece on VMWare yesterday but never completed it.
I have been a huge fan of VMWare since they opened doors and run VMWare on my home PC for various testing scenarios.

The concept of running a Virtual computer is brilliant and as a tool complements having Symantec Ghost as a roll-back or cloning option on your computer(s). VMWare does more than just run an alternative OS on your Computer, it knows how to play nicely with resources – RAM, multiple processors, Disk space and Network. Oh yes and you can define rollback points within the Virtual Machine.

For a user who doesn’t want the high electric bill of multiple computers, doesn’t have the space or whose significant other doesn’t like the home becoming one huge test lab then this is a splendid option.

This once I am going to say that VMWare versus Microsoft’s Virtual PC/ Server wins the day. I know, I know .. it sticks in my craw that I have supposedly found a serious piece of software that Microsoft does not lead the market in. Remember though that VMware will run just about anything on most platforms.

A good friend of mine was telling me several weeks ago how he is strapped for a test machine for different software and this resulted in him installing a piece of software that did horrific things to his work PC and email. One short lecture on VMware and Symantec Ghost later he was checking out their sites and asking for my advice how to set this up.

The one qualifier or warning I will give is that Virtualization uses large amounts of disk space each time you create a roll back point so ensure you have a reasonably large Hard Disk.

The best fun I had with this was creating a Home Network of my real OS, Windows XP Pro and several other Virtual Machines.

Alas and this is the slap on the forehead I would have purchased this stock at first market opening as they are as of 16:00 EST at $51.00 already. It is good sometimes to remember that knowledge can transit to money if you remember to apply it and don’t just see technology in the purest sense as a solution.

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