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How to resuscitate Bluetooth in Windows XP

How to resuscitate Bluetooth in Windows XP
There I was all ready to send my photos and videos of my Cellular phone and I get error messages from my Windows XP. One hop to the Control Panel later I see it… no Bluetooth.
My first thought was to restart Windows, no help there. Then I unplugged and replugged in my Bluetooth dongle to let XP rediscover the hardware. Still nothing. Sweat began to form on my brow.

I did a quick search on the Microsoft support sites and thru Google but what they suggested didn’t help one bit. I was just about to jump into the registry when I had a thought. I look again at the Control Panel and get into the Administrative Tools.

After prowling thru the Event Viewer I find the exact error there and suddenly remember that Bluetooth is a Service.

For those of you who are not familiar the concept of a Service in Windows is simple; a background program that runs often from startup and may lie dormant until an event calls it into use. (akin to a Unix Daemon). Services in Windows XP may be accessed via the Control Panel – Administrative Tools – Services.

Each Service may be set to Start, Stop or Automatic. I changed the state of my Bluetooth to Start and all was resolved.

In hindsight I realize that this is a case of having to remember something you don’t interact with every day. Now I have to figure out why the Bluetooth failed in the first place 🙂

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