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Do you use a bag?

Do you use a bag?
Men as a whole seem to embrace a sweeping hands-free policy when it comes to bags. Unless you are travelling and or have a laptop et cetera to drag around with you.

When I started dating my wife I was a great believer in cargo pants and had no idea the style I had chosen had no style at all until my then girlfriend told me to trash them. Then she snorted, giggled and laughed as I emptied my pockets to change into a pair of chinos. “I thought you had weird shaped thighs,” she giggles “what is all that stuff in your pockets?”

One wallet, a PDA, cellular phone, keys, tums, asthma inhaler, tissue pocket pack and who knows what else later I am staring at the daily contents of my pocket and thinking to myself that there has to be a better way to carry this stuff around.

That was nearly nine years ago and subject to my environment I am a little better now; I have two wallets that I use depending on situation (leather, nice for being well dressed and cordura black for every day). Really though this is not about that, this is about my quest to find the bag.

My wife has dragged me kicking and screaming from using a hikers backpack and various military style pouches to an appreciation of appropriateness (thanks, Honey). I have a thin black leather Swiss Army briefcase that is perfect for work and or interviews. In one interview I ended up really bonding with the interviewer because half our time we were discussing how cool the bag was and this very subject.

Of course, I still in my heart of heart love ballistic nylon and cordura and if you absolutely have to have the best but frankly Mil-spec styled outdoor bags then go to and see the ultimate in hard use bags. One day, perhaps I will find a need and the money for one of these.

I own one of their belt pouches which is excellent for safeguarding my PDA, wallet and cellular phone when on the go. A slightly more civilian touch on the pouch/ bag/ backpack is a company called Tatonka (also a .Com) who do all manner of camping and outdoor gear.

Now I just need to find a stylish way to keep my PDA on me at all times.

That’s one of the reasons I ditched my Palm and went for a Nokia Communicator and more recently an E61 – it saves a lot of pocket space. I used to carry a Palm, folding keyboard, and mobile, which was a real problem in summer; in winter, I used fleece and trouser pockets to fit it all in!

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