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Obvious but worth remembering

Obvious but worth remembering
Are you one of those people who your friends feel able to tell anything to?
Often I am told things by my friends and acquaintances, sometimes they even want advice. Apparently I have the sort of face or personality that lends itself to this. Is this empathy on my part?
What surprises me so often, regardless of the problem; interpersonal, technical or professional (job hunting for example) is how we lose sight of our ultimate objective.
I always say to someone when I am confronted with this,
Ask yourself this, what do you want to get out of this?
This can be one thing or many. Personally, I try to do the following: –
  1. Write down the problem in big block letters on a piece of paper. (Don’t do it on the computer you will be spending time interacting with it and not the problem).
  2. Write under it, “What do I want to get out of it?
  3. Think for a moment and write out the answers that pop into your head.

Of course, this is pretty obvious but how many times have you not asked yourself this question when approaching any problem?


“Are you one of those people who your friends feel able to tell anything to?”

That’s weird – must run in the family 😉

Some of us find it harder interacting with pen and paper than a keyboard and screen though 😉